Another pensioner Doorstep defrauded £1000+ in Abronhill

Claiming to be from the water board, occurred Oak Road 31 July. 5’4’’ dark hair and a beard, blue teeshirt.

Police wish to engage with anyone else who encountered this man.

Communities inspector Neil MacLeod said: “These type of bogus workman criminals work with accomplices – so it may be that other residents had someone at their door but it may not match the description of the male provided. “Legitimate organisations will have identification on them and will usually be wearing a uniform bearing the logo of the company they represent.

“ The majority of the time these workers will be using transport also bearing the log of the company. If you are at all unsure simply do not allow them access to your home and phone the police.” Anyone with information on this crime please call 101 quoting crime reference number NC04030719.

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