Aging in place

An out-of-the-box solution – no bills! addressing the daily challenges associated with aging elders including deterrence to doorstep fraud. With aging populations and low birth-rates come social challenges. We ‘active working population’ already see the effects as old-age-dependency increases; more responsibilities, less time, less affordable options. Glofend are working to provide an affordable consumer deployable solution using Internet of Things technology, to know the status of your elder’s welfare, thus manage your own time, cost and well-being.

Caregiver Aid

Carer fatigue or Caregiver stress are conditions of guilt, exhaustion, insomnia, personal health, depression etc. Short-term for some, others a lifelong vocation.
Our user interface (app) can aid relief giving up-to-date knowledge of their care-receiver for a better prepared visit, plus ability to better plan their precious time.

World Health Org on Aging

  • The world population is rapidly aging
  • Low & middle income countries will experience the most rapid and dramatic demographic change
  • We’ll see more in their 80’s or 90’s than ever before
  • How well we age depends on many factors
  • Even in poor countries, most older people die of noncommunicable diseases
  • Globally, many older people are at risk of maltreatment
  • The need for long-term care is rising
  • Dramatic increases ahead in the number of people with forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • In emergency situations, older people can be especially vulnerable

World amp showing most aging nations