Glofend Technologies are building an entrance enviroment device with AI vision, internal sensor & a specially designed platform (app) for improved engagement & benefits to caregivers.

The app is designed to notify priority moments and require only a few seconds of users time.


It was a rise in burglaries around my community, with an attempt on our family prompted that me to join our local neighbour-watch committee. An unmet need became apparent to provide an affordable, simple, effective deterrent to unwanted visitors aka ‘bogus callers’, ‘distraction burglary’, ‘aggressive selling’ and so on.
our R&D has lead to addressing other concerns in managing a love one’s welfare. Many ageing populations have increasing ‘old-age dependant ratios’ as birth-rates declined in many states in the EU and beyond.
As we are at the early stages of product development we appreciate all feedback and of course welcome any support or investment opportunities!

Ronan Gilroy – founder, managing director 



Like to join us in ‘innovating for good’? If you share interest and/or have skill sets complementary to a tech start-up in global sales & marketing, b2b development consumer product development, cloud services, back end dev, then make contact!