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Cameron promotes the UK-China ‘golden era’

By Robin Brant

David Cameron has adopted a fairly low profile since he left Downing Street last year.

He’s campaigned for more research into dementia and stuck by the national citizen service he set up in office.

Now he’ll be involved in investing hundreds of millions of pounds in projects linked to China’s awkwardly named Belt and Road Initiative.

The private fund will be supported by the British government but won’t involve any taxpayer’s money.

It will focus on projects in the UK and China and countries that China assists in central Asia and Europe.

China’s plan is not without controversy though as some critics see it as a global push to increase Beijing’s political influence and presence.

Mr Cameron championed a drive to increase trade ties with China while he was prime minister, marking what both sides now call a “golden era”.

Reuters news agency said the UK and China had agreed to accelerate preparations for a London-Shanghai stock connect programme.

But the BBC understand plans to link the London Stock Exchange with its counterparts in Shanghai and Shenzhen remain at the “research stage”. for more