Elder welfare management

‘less younger working populations’ are required to help a ‘larger, older dependant population’

Time Stress Cost

..can be saved in seconds from our web app monitor & device. No forced contract or bills. Your loved one’s well being, mental health, safety, isolation, cognitive illness, or unwanted visitors,  are the areas of interest to Glofend Technologies. We are developing an affordable option providing: 1. Our elders a non-intrusive monitoring product offering an improved quality of life, 2. Caregivers / family ‘immediate’ peace-of-mind & connection with their loved ones whether they are near or far away. Some startling facts from the world health organisation www.who.int/ageing/about/facts/en …

Carer fatigue / Caregiver stress

is a condition of guilt, exhaustion, insomnia, personal health, depression. Short-term for some, others a lifelong vocation #CareCrises. We are building a user interface (app) as an ‘aid’ to relieve these people giving 1. up-to-date knowledge of their care-receiver for a better prepared visit and 2. ability in how to better use their precious time.

Product development

In addressing these aging issues Glofend is currently trialing IoT cloud connected devices, developing back-end and web app platform designed to give time strapped users immediate information when & where they need it.

Career opportunities

Like to join us in ‘innovating for good’? if you share interest and or have skill sets complementary to a tech start-up in hardware development, cloud services, back end development, NodeJs Java Html CSS, Javascript or international sales media and marketing then make contact!

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